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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clap Your Hands!!

If you are happy and you know it CLAP YOUR HANDS:):)

So there I go clapping my hands!!Tapping my foot!! and singing HURRAH!!

Its raining. My plants in the balcony are wet and cheerful. My brother and Shweta are in town. Its nice to breathe in a room with them. Its like old times. There is nothing like hanging out with a brother you have grown up with. Fortunately for us we can still stand each other. And now its not just him. He has a partner. A young lady I am keen to know and bond with.

This week my classes at FITNESS FIRST also added cheer. Robin, CJ and Edgar were the trainors I worked out with. CJ smiles all through the HI LO class. He plays good music and dances with the exercise Ball gracefully. And then he says 'Lovely Morning eh!! I love your energy'.

'WOW!!' is all that I could feel the first day I was in his class. What a happy Trainer!!

Robin notices the first timers. Looks after them. Gives clear instructions. Doesn't make fun of anybody but does numerous funny things. He is energy personified. Robin jumps around the room and is absolutely unpredicatable. But always very pleasant. He informed us very kindly that when he holds his chest he is communicating 'You are out of breath. Continue but go slow. Be easy on yourself.'

Interestingly when I had noticed him do that earlier I had thought he was patronising some of us. Have heard some trainers say negative stuff. But this one is a master trainer. He trusts you. He knows you will give your best. And when he feels you are tired but can still carry on. He says exactly that. He leaves you to take the call.Brilliant man!!Honest man!

And when he asks you to box and can see this master at his playful best!!!

Box Box Box
Jab Jab Jab

And you also start playing! and smiling!!

what a delightful rainy day!!! Time for some hot chocolate now.


  1. That you're still continuing with the fitness schedule is very impressive...a sure sign of the determination to experience the lighter side of life!!...keep it up

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  3. U made me remember the rainy evenings of Lucknow when Ma would prepare tea and we will get samosa or pakoda and enjoy the rain with garam chai and snacks!!!

    Remember how the road outside Ur house use to get water logged after a bit of rain???

  4. Oh yes...I remember the water logged road. My brother and I used to turn sailors with paper boats!