I Climbed it

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rest in Peace

You always made my life easy. But I really wanted to rough it out with you Ma!

I did take numerous flights of fantasy. There were desires to travel,study abroad,make movies...but there were also decisions to work with children, write stories...and they were all with you around. You were not there in all my plans. But I hope you know you were always cherished in all my living.

Rest in peace Mamma! While I struggled with you to keep you alive and happy I know you couldn't have died if you had wanted to live. I have seen your body follow the instructions of your mind.

Yes there were some regrets. I did wish I was back home early the day you died. I am glad that I was atleast by your side when you breathed you last...the fact that I could hold you in my arms and love you endlessly is a solace.

Rest in peace Mamma! Rest in Peace!

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