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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Acute Bronchitis

My dear friend Rajnish reads my blog. He told me yesterday. And thus with renewed interest I am back. Well I have been home the whole of last week. And now my cold and cough has been diagnosed as Acute Bronchitis.

I have been playing this KHO KHO since the second. Interestingly I was ok till the 31st. That was the day I came back from Lucknow. I guess I found no time to fall ill till my folks were around.

I am the first child of my parents. I grew up in Lucknow. I was in my first school for thirteen years. So I have friends from that school all over the place. And in every class we were 55 students if not more. We were a bunch of middle class students. Ours was a small space school. We hardly had any play ground. But we played everything. And looking back I can still back slap and chat up any of those guys even now. Well I do that with Priyank and Sameer on orkut and face book. And for me Vikas and Vinayak are first faces I look for when I reach Lucknow. So thirteen years of schooling in Seventh Day Adventist and being the older daughter are perhaps the greatest of my identities. The other identity is that of being a GIRL in Lucknow.

That school of many slip shod looking kids harping a bunch of baloney was a good breathing place. I am normal today because of that school. I think I felt very integrated and belonged in that school. I love Mrs Bahadur, Miss wahal, Mr Nathen, Mrs Bambani, Ms Abbassi, Mr Anil and Mr Yusuf.

I breathe well when I think of Arunima, Urvashi, Swati, Rajkumari, Amril Pal, Sameer, Vikas, Sanjay Singh Sanger, Amita Marwa,Vinayak, Sujat, Bipasha, Rahul,Priyank and my dearest and closest friend for years Anwar Hussain. If anybody has travelled as much as Anwar and I have travelled together or for that matter Gopal and I have travelled together I think we have travelled well with quite a mate. Hmm I am breathing well as I think of Swati, Carol, Anwar, Gopal...Vibha. I saw Carol in my dream day before. It was a nice flowery party with loads of lights and festivities...loads of old friends were there and I was almost flying...and Carol was smiling...and I introduced her to somebody by saying remember Hey Carol...that was for her:)

I am not breathing well today. And I am missing home. I am misssing Ma and baba. I miss my brother the most. He has grown up a lot. He is a big guy today. But I hold him closest to my heart and feel most protective about him even today. I know he doesn't need protection but I was a mother once...well almost... and nobody ...even the children got to know.

One and a half week of staying back at home, steam inhalation and gargles...
Talk of 'phlegm'...I read that word in some Indian writer's book...GREEEN PHLEGM it said...
We describe our bodies and souls and their nails and buttons in colours...almost like the british talk about food...well almost!!

Deya my niece was home last evening. And then Rajnish and Suvojit joined us. I drank nothing cold. Ate nothing cold. And felt nothing cold. Rum in Luke warm water with honey and strawberry tea. Deya doesn't like Strawberry tea. I could finally smell something. So I loved the concoction. Oh and we also had a young man called A with us. I am not mentioning his name...because I want to write that he is the first guy I know of who is on SECOND LIFE.

We obviously talked about Persepolis. Rajnish said something about the book catering to the western audience. Suvojit agreed ...well almost...because he hasn't read Persepolis...but he hates anything against Islam. Well I am sensitive to anti-Islam propogandas too . But Persepolis is different. Its a woman's story. Its a good work. You can have a very sound discussion with Suvojit because he is a feminist. I made an error ...a popular error when I talked about most great political thoughts being a product of was a sweeping statement. Almost American in nature:)

Islam's contribution to modern thought and politics can't be overlooked. Tired...cough cough...need some warm warm liquid and honey... a lil brandy would have done wonders...

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